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Pre-season training: Why it's so vital

The team at RATIO: are massive supporters of pre-season training.  With COVID hopefully behind us and a long competitive season down the road, players should take advantage of pre - season training. Working hard before the season starts improves overall fitness and reduces an athlete's chance of injury. Whatever the sport - be it AFL, rugby, soccer, netball or hockey  - pre-season training is essential in preparing for the season ahead. What is pre-season training? Pre-season training is training that occurs in the timeframe directly before the actual sports season starts. So, for instance, if the sport runs from May until August (the Australian winter sport season) pre-season training will start around March. This is usually in the form of  cardiovascular activities and sports-related drills. This gives the player a few months...

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Why compression is vital for performance

Why has compression wear gone from zero to hero?    We have spent many days and nights working with leading physiotherapists and sports technologists to understand exactly what the benefits are and how to produce the best possible compression for RATIO: The long and the short of it: compression products accelerate blood flow. Compression garments fit like sausage casings and increase the flow of blood through the muscles - improving athletic performance and speeding recovery after workouts or any sporting pursuit.  In essence, compression gets more oxygen to your working muscles and could boost athletic performance. Another use for compression is after you exercise.  We all know that feeling of heavy legs or arms, muscle fatigue at its best.  Wearing your...

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What people have said about RATIO:

Reviews from our customers: 'Just ordered a second pair of RATIO: for George, he LOVES them. He lives in them so hence, I need another pair! He's wearing them under his school shorts to stop getting a rash playing soccer and even handball in the playground. His biggest compliment is that he loves that they don't leave a mark on his skin around his waist or thigh and that they are SO comfortable.'  - Jo, Dover Heights 'I did wonder if compression shorts were necessary, but after two injuries involving his hip flexor, and more time away from sport than he could bear, Max is back with the support of his RATIO: shorts. He was so excited when we put...

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RATIO: AFL, rugby, soccer, hockey, Oz Tag and netball

We have been inundated by athletes  -in all sporting codes wearing RATIO: compression shorts. From rugby union to AFL - sportsmen and women (youth) all over Australia and New Zealand are wearing RATIO:  Please send a picture of you in RATIO: to and you too could appear on our website, Instagram and Facebook or post it to your social media accounts tagging #ratioathletes and See our gallery below:

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