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Why compression is vital for performance

Why has compression wear gone from zero to hero?   

We have spent many days and nights working with leading physiotherapists and sports technologists to understand exactly what the benefits are and how to produce the best possible compression for RATIO:

The long and the short of it: compression products accelerate blood flow.

Compression garments fit like sausage casings and increase the flow of blood through the muscles - improving athletic performance and speeding recovery after workouts or any sporting pursuit.  In essence, compression gets more oxygen to your working muscles and could boost athletic performance.

Another use for compression is after you exercise.  We all know that feeling of heavy legs or arms, muscle fatigue at its best.  Wearing your RATIO: compression after exercise (when your muscles are tired or fatigued) is a great way to keep the oxygen flow to the muscles. 

Muscle recovery is at its optimum when you are asleep. So another good tip for muscle recovery is to wear your RATIO: compression while sleeping.  We do however suggest you don’t wear the RATIO: compression that you just played sport or exercised in, a clean set is highly recommended!

For many years compression has been used in hospitals for post operation recovery and for long haul flights to help with blood flow and to reduce the risk of blood clots.  Compression is not a new discovery, it has been benefiting muscle recovery for a long time.

 So if you are aiming for peak performance -  then get yourself into RATIO: compression sportswear and be part of our #ratioathletes team.

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